10 Free WordPress Themes With Demo Content In 2024

Trying to find themes with demo websites? This article lists free responsive WordPress themes with demo content and detailed instructions.
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WordPress demo templates are the easiest way to launch attractive websites without hassle, so this article rounds up the best free responsive WordPress themes with demo content.

Compare the demo websites to find one you like. You only have to replace the content with your own (users can also change the appearance to match the website design).

However, it is always a good idea to use WordPress.org themes because they follow WordPress coding standards. Using third-party themes puts you at risk of vulnerability because you don’t know what’s inside.

Note: Ensure to import the pre-designed elements or single pages when placing demo content because inserting patterns or blocks won’t mess up the current content. However, if you import the entire demo, you’ll see significant changes because it comes with modifications and elements. And there’s a risk that the newly added content will overlap with existing content.

Over the years, I’ve used over 100 WordPress themes; here are the good ones with starter templates.

The Top 10 WordPress Themes With Demo Content

1. Blocksy

Blocksy WordPress theme Logo

Blocksy is my favorite WordPress theme; even the free version has plenty of features. Unlike other WP themes, Blocksy is bloat-free, well-coded, and meets high standards.

Most themes are too formal, so your site follows their default setup. But Blocksy lets you make your pages look stylish, neat, and organized without limiting the content to fit into a default template.

The nice thing about Blocksy is that it lists all content types and layout sections in the WP customizer. Separating the features makes it feel like there aren’t too many; this helps you understand what’s happening. (Despite its features)

Blocksy theme customizer
Theme Customizer

Have trouble setting up a custom menu in the website header? Blocksy will solve your problems – it has the most potent header and menu builder.

It is the best header builder I have ever seen in a theme. Also, I like the footer builder, but this post is about demo content, so I don’t want to cover every section.

Blocksy WordPress Demo Content:

As a blogger, I don’t like themes with demo content that looks like every other theme. However, Blocksy’s starter sites are flexible enough that users can easily adjust the site without messing up the site’s look.

Blocksy has more than 40 demo websites, and the cool thing about Blocksy is that most starter sites are free. It’s good to see that all Blocksy designs are Gutenberg-based – now, they’ve added some Pro ones.

  • Barber Shop: You won’t find many barbershop demo sites around; the layout is ideal for offering barbershop services and hair care products.
  • Floreo: online store for greenery decorations. It’s got a homey feel because of all the tiny details.
  • Persona: If you’re a freelancer looking for design and filmmaking, you’ll love this site kit. It’s a cool design, so give it a shot!
  • App: Dark and white mixed mobile app website and compatible with Gutenberg, Brizy, and Elementor.
  • Smile Dent: A new dental business demo template that’s perfect for taking your dental clinic to the next level.

You don’t have to be a geek to use Blocksy DEV features; this theme makes customizing the header and footer easier.

The content block is a great, easy-to-use dev feature; create a block and set it where you want, but it comes with the Premium version.

People who aren’t developers will love Blocksy because you don’t have to code, and users can arrange everything efficiently. I can write many things about the Blocksy, but I don’t want this article to be too long.

2. Kadence

Kadence WP theme Logo with with demo websites

Kadence isn’t my favorite theme, but I give it the top spot because its library includes over 50 free and 50 premium demo templates.

They have almost 100 starter sites, which is one of the most vital reasons people like this theme. Unlike boring designs, Kadence has clean, fresh designs with considerable features, and there aren’t many locked up in the PRO.

Reasons to Choose the Kadence Theme:

  • A robust free version (with few limitations)
  • The most impressive feature of this theme is the simple drag-and-drop header and footer builder.
  • Customize Kadence right within the WordPress customizer. I noticed all the theme options were arranged nicely.
  • Kadence WP theme has cool features like localized fonts, sticky or transparent headers, auto-adaptation, custom layouts, an advanced header and footer, and much more.
  • Kadence is really smooth and easy to use. It was easy for me to change things and adjust things in a way to get just what I wanted.
  • Optimized for Gutenberg since they have a Gutenberg block plugin

Users can pick multiple customizations with this theme, making it one of the most flexible. You’ll find all the cool features and some attractive designs.

I like that they have their Gutenberg block plugin (Kadence Blocks), which is functional and compatible with all cache plugins.

Kadence Demo Websites:

Kadence has the most attractive demo templates among all the themes I have used. I like the professional designs with the right balance between the features – you get some typical free demos, but you also get a few unique ones, like:

  • Lawn Care: Start quickly with this starter template for lawn care businesses. It’s rare to see this kind of demo with other themes.
  • Sewing Course: Users should try this one if you can teach sewing. I’ve never seen anything like this in other demos.
  • Digital Course: It’s common, but I like it; web developers can share their experience.

In Kadence’s library, users can download all the free and paid demo templates that they can use to make things easier.

Interestingly, most demo content is built with KadenceBlocks and Gutenberg. Like most other themes, you can choose Elementor to use demo content.

But there are better options than Elementor for designing a page because it has too many bloated features, making it a nightmare.

If you’re using Elementor, choose a reliable host like LiteSpeed Hosting or cloud hosting like Vultr. But don’t worry; all Kadence demos are created using the Kadence Blocks plugin.

3. OceanWP

OceanWP WordPress theme Logo

OceanWP is a free responsive WordPress theme with demo content in the WP theme library. It is the most feature-rich theme after Blocksy and Kadence – the free version allows you to do a lot.

It has multiple upsides, but the concern is that you can’t build the header or footer like Blocksy or Astra. Still, it has several header options, like transparent headers, and you can manually change each page’s header.

What I like the most about OceanWP is that it allows you to enable or disable features, widgets, settings, and locations. Get rid of bloated features.

OceanWP WP Theme additional features
Extra features

The free version of OceanWP offers many features, including fancy fonts, template sections, dynamic layouts, custom pages, and more. However, there are other reasons why I have listed this theme in this post.

OceanWP Website Templates:

OceanWP has hundreds of starter templates in its library and 230+ full-site demo websites for Elementor – Gutenberg.

Most of them are locked into the Pro version. Users can still access over 50 free OceanWP demos with the free version.

OWP has cool free demo templates, such as Lawyer, Travel, Yoga, Store, Architect, etc. But the Pro version has a lot more.

Yoga and coach OceanWP demo templates
Yoga and coach OceanWP demo templates
Gym Club and lawyer OceanWP demo templates
Gym Club and lawyer templates

OceanWP’s free version offers more customization and features than other paid themes. IMO, Blocksy – Kadence themes have more flexible features and are more convenient to use than OceanWP.

From a developer’s perspective, I prefer GeneratePress over OceanWP. But it has plenty of demos, and the paid version is cheap, has extra features, and is easy to customize for beginners.

4. GeneratePress

GeneratePress WP theme logo

Tom Usborne is the man behind GeneratePress (my second favorite theme). It has been around for a long time and has grown a lot. You can easily create things using it, but you need some coding skills to use GP to its full potential.

GeneratePress is usually popular with devs because of its user-friendly features and customization. Users appreciate GP’s solid features, guides, community, and appropriateness for average users and developers.

GeneratePress WP Demos:

I’m not giving it the #1 spot because GP doesn’t offer free demo content. On the other hand, Premium comes with more than 100 pre-built starter sites right out of the box.

Got a few patterns, but they’re stylish and trendy. Most GP demos are built with Gutenberg and GenerateBlocks, making it easier for geeks to choose uncommon ones.

You can see some old ones made with Beaver Builder and Elementor in the GP site library. Here are some unique GeneratePress demo content:

  • Avery: This is a female-style blog you can use to start your blog. It’s made with GenerateBlocks and is good for ladies.
  • Driver: It is a unique free demo site and was made for a driving school website with GBlocks.
  • Stream: Great for growing your podcast and catching new listeners
  • Movement: A free demo website for groups and organizations

GeneratePress theme isn’t suitable for those who like drag-and-drop and fancy things – not ideal for newbies. If you are looking for an easy-to-use theme, it’s a good idea to use Kadence or Blocksy.

The GP free version isn’t a good choice either; it contains minimal customizations, but it’s okay for coders.

You can also use the GP theme for WordPress documentation. GP Premium is the right option for anyone; you’ll get a clean version to customize.

It has a variety of templates and features, but One thing I miss most about GP is the lack of a header and footer builder. Since that feature is in almost every WP theme, let’s hope that GP will add it.

5. Neve

Neve ThemeIsle's logo

Neve is one of ThemeIsle’s most popular themes. There aren’t many features in Neve’s free version that you’d find in the Kadence theme. Neve theme is compatible with Gutenberg and all page builders (Elementor, Divi, etc.).

Neve theme is compatible with Gutenberg and all page builders

You can drag and drop the footer and header, just like with Blocksy. Also, Neve has different colors; you can adjust them for all settings.

I’m not a fan of Themeisle or this theme, but they have solid professional strategies and handle all kinds of help requests, no matter who you are.

It’s built with all the typical features, including design patterns, sections, color schemes, fonts, and pre-made templates that you can put together.

Neve Demo Content:

Neve demo collection is hosted on a cloud server, so users can click a button to download the demo content.

Neve has over 40 site templates; 17 of them are free, but mostly they’re blah. There were only a few that I actually found impressive, and the rest didn’t catch my attention.

Some examples of Neve’s unique starter sites:

  • Audio Books: This one is in their paid version. It’s handy if you’re planning to make an audiobook website. Designed to work with Gutenberg.
  • Vacation Rental: This demo content is free and can be used with Gutenberg and Elementor. It is a good choice if someone desires a website for a vacation rental or a client, but I feel it’s outdated.
  • Museum: There isn’t much WordPress demo content for museums. However, Neve has one and is a good option for organizations that already have a museum or for those that would like to create one.

Neve has a unique feature called Template Cloud, which allows you to store your design templates in your Neve account and integrate them with other websites later. You’ll have to upgrade to the premium if you want advanced stuff.

Neve is an acceptable theme with many settings available through the WordPress customizer. Users can also develop personalized layouts, but the free version isn’t that great – it’s only suitable for simple sites.

6. Zakra

Zakra theme logo

Zakra is a ThemeGrill theme, and users can download a free version from the WordPress theme directory. However, this version doesn’t offer many useful features and has multiple templates for online stores.

I think the theme is outdated, hasn’t been modernized recently, and gives a bland impression. It’s fast; that’s all I like.

But it lacks features like the sticky header, header builder, dropdown menu, mobile menu, page settings, grid layout, and more that you can get with free themes like Blocksy, Kadence, etc.

Zakra Demo Content:

Zakra is a multipurpose theme, but I noticed many demos focused on PRO services. The theme template library has 88 pre-built sites – you’re just a few clicks away from having your site up and running.

Users can choose from 60 demo content for businesses, 12 for stores, and 6 for blogs. Here are some unique Zakra demos you should check out:

  • Antique store: An antique store template doesn’t usually come from other themes – it’s a paid one that’s designed for Gutenberg.
  • Freelancer: You can find a lot of demo content for freelancing – this one is a one-page template, which is a premium one.
  • Job Portal: It’s free, but it’s made with Elementor Builder.
  • Organic Farm: This demo content is for organic farm services like designing, planting, and growing fruits and veggies.

Zakra is a fast and well-designed WordPress theme – the free version is decent for simple sites. It has a few decent demos, but most are built with Elementor.

The Pro version doesn’t seem like a good deal for the price. Compared to Zakra, there are many more good themes, even for free.

PopularFX WordPress theme

PopularFX is not my type of theme and definitely not one I recommend. But there’s a reason I put this theme on my list: it comes with more than 500 WordPress demo templates and pre-made sections.

PopularFX also comes with a page builder (PageLayer). Contains drag-and-drop functions and a whole host of other fancy and bloated features, including extra visual effects and much more.

It has a free version and a premium version. A few things are included in the free version, like columns, color blocks, image sliders, icon boxes, etc.

You’ll need the paid version to take advantage of some features. This is okay for beginners and those who like fancy things but aren’t concerned about UX.

They have locked in more features in the Pro version, including simple features like posts, tables, breadcrumbs, etc.

PopularFX Demo Templates:

To start with PopularFX demos, you’ll need to do a few things. After installing the POPULARFX theme on your website, you need to install their templates plugin to access the templates.

Every template is built with the Page Layer Builder. And they have plenty of templates for free. I didn’t count how many there are, but I guess there are at least 100; most are locked into the PRO version.

Here are some popular-FX starter templates:

I don’t like the PopularFX theme, the drag-and-drop functionality, or the bloated page builders. You can at least try it, but when using page builders and heavy themes, use an optimization plugin like FlyingPress.

I recommend reading the docs before using PopularFX on your website. Setting things up is more complicated because you must install multiple plugins.

It has many demo templates, and the PRO version has many section templates. However, PopularFX needs to be updated regularly.

8. Astra

Astra WP theme Logo

Astra is a theme by Brainstorm Force. I don’t like Astra, but it’s a popular theme because it’s customizable and lightweight. Offers hundreds of free and paid demo templates for page builders.

But it’s not fast; having fewer code lines makes Astra weightless. However, you might have fewer features, meaning you’ll have to add more plugins, which will remove the lightweight tag.

The theme’s best features are the drag-and-drop header and footer builder. However, the widgets aren’t that great. If you want an ideal free theme, I recommend Blocksy or Kadance.

If you stick with Astra, you must upgrade to the paid version. Also, I’m not a fan of Astra’s demo content.

They have a ton of free demos, but the designs aren’t that pleasant – Astra follows the trends, but it doesn’t feel unique. You’ll find dozens of samples that look decent in previews.

But you won’t pick one because of the lack of quality. Whenever I browse the templates, I feel like they’ve made them with messy designs.

Astra WordPress Demos:

Users must install the WordPress “Starter Templates” plugin to access the Astra demo templates (200+ free and paid demo content).

You can choose Gutenberg (recommended), Elementor – Beaver Builder. If you decide to use Gutenberg, all demos are built using the Spectra block plugin.

The only thing I like about Brainstorm Force is Spectra, previously known as Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.

Here are a few unique Astra website templates:

  • Elderly Home: This is the elderly services demo, and you don’t find this kind of topic on demos very often – nothing special, but it’s free.
  • Injury and Accident Lawyer: You can find many demo websites for lawyers, but not for subcategories like accident and injury lawyers.
  • Limousine Rental Agency: You can find a lot of demos for car rentals, but what about limousine rentals?
  • Calligraphy Artist: Fine template set for handwriting – this type of demo isn’t too common with most themes.

A product’s popularity is determined by its mass appeal, not quality – what makes Astra popular?

Maybe it’s because of its marketing or its aim at starters who don’t know what else exists. Astra is a free responsive WordPress theme with demo content. I don’t have any issues with this theme – Somehow, I don’t like it.

9. Ollie

Ollie block-based WordPress theme

Ollie is a new block-based WordPress theme. You’re good to go if you know how to use themes like Twenty Twenty-Four and Spectra One. Fast and clean code; you can check it out on GitHub.

This theme works like a page builder, but you do not need a bloated page builder to use it. Plus, it’s free, yet I can’t see the premium version.

I chose this theme for this article because it comes with 50+ demo patterns for quickly creating sections, menus, and pages. Users can create pages with designs by customizing pre-made blocks with demos.

You can also build websites with dynamic content blocks in the Block Editor and change pages, templates, and patterns in the Site Editor—innovative way to design a website with WordPress.

Using Global Styles, you can tweak the block styles and colors, fonts, layouts, and more across your website.

Here is some demo content for the Ollie theme:

I’m still not a fan of block-based WordPress themes. But Ollie is a decent theme with free demos – still new but worth a try. If you like page builders and drag-and-drop stuff, you’ll like it.

10. Flash Theme

Flash theme from ThemeGrill

Flash is another ugly theme from ThemeGrill. The free version isn’t delicious, and you can’t customize anything or even change the copyright footer.

This theme hasn’t been updated in a while. So, what’s the point of including this theme? The reason is that it comes with seven free demos and ten paid ones. That’s funny.

Here are some free Flash demo sites:

  • Flash OnePage
  • Construction
  • Food
  • Default

I’m not writing this WordPress theme anymore – you can try it, but I don’t want to test it. The theme is another example of poor quality being used to force users to pay for a premium version.

How about paid WordPress themes from places like ThemeForest?

Don’t waste your time on them. I don’t want to use third-party themes because the WP theme library offers more quality choices than those awful third-party themes.

Therefore, I recommend sticking to official themes. Most are well-coded, and you’re less likely to find security holes. Use a good CDN, like FlyingCDN, for WordPress websites.

To Wrap It Up

There are many WordPress themes, each with unique starter templates. When I choose a theme, I only pick from the official WordPress theme library. Still, I can only select fewer than 10 decent themes; there aren’t many quality ones.

My top picks for WordPress themes with demo content:

  1. Blocksy: Simple to use and comes with many free demo sites.
  2. Kadence: Similar to Blocksy and has 50 free demo sites.
  3. GeneratePress: Great for developers and even average users. Doesn’t offer free demos, but it has 100+ paid templates.
  4. OceanWP: Extensive theme with a large user base that offers many features in its free version. It comes with a lot of free and paid demos.
  5. Astra: Suitable for page builders, this theme is popular and lightweight, and it comes with various pre-built sections and WP demo websites.

All of these have a free version for you to try out. You do not have to change your theme every time. There’s not a significant difference between them; if a theme develops a new feature, you’ll likely get it sooner or later.

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