Me, in a nutshell

Image of Madushan Bandara


Speed Optimization

Definitely, everyone likes fast websites. Let me show you almost every WordPress speed-up technique I know.

WordPress Development

I work as a freelancer. I design and create websites, and I’ve had some successful ones. Let’s talk about my strategies.

Content Creation

I’ve probably written more than 100 articles. Most are still ranked well. I’m kinda familiar with on-page SEO.

I don’t accept paid or guest posts on this blog. I only write about stuff I know or have experience with. I like to share with you what I like and dislike.

A little about me:

As a beginner, I relied on unreliable affiliate recommendations. That’s why I don’t recommend things I don’t feel are right. You’ll see aff links on this site, but I won’t lead you to bad ones. I only share my experiences. You won’t find garbage hosts, themes, plugins, or tools in my recommendations.

Like most people, I had no idea what I was doing. It was Blogger that I used to make my first website. It has been an enormous learning experience for me to fail a lot of times and learn from my mistakes.

My English wasn’t good initially because I’m not a native speaker. So I read, followed, and experimented with over 100 themes, plugins, hosting, CDN, SEO, content creation tools, etc. I still have a lot to learn.

I make mistakes often, like starting without experience. It’s cool, but make sure you know what you’re doing before you start. And I still don’t spend enough time on newsletters, social media, and other promotional things.

My inactive lifestyle led to several side effects. Google knocked down one of my most popular sites because of its weak backlink profile.

Keep it up. Get back to work. 🤙