10 Best Crypto Ad Networks For Publishers In 2024

In this article, you can find multiple crypto ad networks, Bitcoin ad platforms and other monetization strategies for the crypto niche.
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There aren’t many crypto ad networks, and I don’t see many ad platforms for cryptocurrency content or tools. However, you can easily find ad networks for your Bitcoin site if you have a decent website with high-quality content.

You can work with various ad partners with quality traffic or content. Find a reputable ad network or service like AdSense, BuySellAds, Ezoic, SetupAd, etc.

Alternatively, you can try Google MCM partners. Users can find many crypto websites, mostly content sites serving ads from Google partner networks.

Don’t use unreliable ad networks because they can mess up your site. In this article, I will list several crypto ad networks and bitcoin ad platforms with other monetization methods for the crypto sites. Let’s get into the details.

Best Crypto (Bitcoin) Ad Networks

1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds advertising company Logo

BuySellAds is a reliable advertising company that was established in 2008. It is one of the most popular in the industry. BuySell’s customers include web developers, cryptocurrencies, brands, publishers, and digital startups.

From an advertiser and publisher perspective, crypto plays a notable role in BuySellAds. Popular sites like Coingecko, BitInfoCharts, and other crypto-related sites and content creators use BuySell to monetize their websites.

BuySellAd isn’t just for crypto websites; popular websites like Search Engine Journal rely on BuySellAds. CPM is what BuySellAd uses to serve ads and yield for publishers. The cost-per-impression rates are fair compared to other similar networks and platforms. BuySellAds is also a Google MCM partner.

They have several formats for their ads, such as native ones, sponsored content, podcasts, text ads, display ads, and even video ads. Targeting options include geolocation, user browser, OS, and demographics.

BuySellAds Criteria for Publishers:

  • The first thing you’ll need is a modern-looking crypto website.
  • Over 100K ad impressions a month. (Just ad impressions, no page views.). There is no way to quantify how many visits are required. But I would guess it’s at least ten to twenty-five thousand visits a month.
  • Currently, BuySell only accepts websites based on English. They do not accept websites in other languages.
  • Keep your website up-to-date with relevant content.

Like most ad networks, they look for quality before accepting a site and only work with reliable websites. You’ll have to gain authority for the website when you start. Therefore, look at this article about ad networks for small websites.

Payments And Other Details:

  • You can get paid through wire transfers or Paypal with BuySellAds.
  • Payments come every 30 days.
  • The minimum threshold for wire transfers is $500
  • PayPal’s minimum threshold is $20.

BuySell is a programmatic ad platform, meaning publishers get features like ad refresh, lazy loading, auto-placement, and other modern advertising features.

Want to see some example ad screenshots from BuySellAds?

This is a typical BuySellAd display ad
Display ad by BuySellAd
Typical BuySellAd native ad
Typical BuySellAd native ad

There are many features that BuySellAds offers that make it convenient for publishers, including header bidding, sponsored content, recovery from ad blockers, exclusive platforms, direct ad management, and many more.

Coin.Network Crypto Ad Network

Coin.Network Crypto Ad Network Logo

Coin.Network, a sub-brand of BuySellAds, is a complete crypto ad network that can be used by both advertisers and publishers. There are many payment methods on Coin.Network, including USD, BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.

Coin.Network mainly offers display and native ads, including rectangles and leaderboards, while native ads focus on formats like bars and sticky ads.

You can apply to this ad network if your crypto site has over 10,000 page views. Also, you get Ad management and optimization, various payment options with 30-day payout, relevant ads, etc. I think Coin.Network may be easier to apply to than BuySellAds for sites focused on crypto content.

2. A-Ads

A-Ads (Logo), also known as AnonymousAds

A-Ads network is known to be one of the earliest crypto ad networks on the market. A-Ads is unique because it’s a crypto ad network that covers all niches. It doesn’t matter what kind of site you have; you can monetize it.

Websites without crypto-related content have low CPM rates. On the other hand, if your website is related to cryptocurrency, then A-ads might be the correct ad network for you. Pricing models include CPA, CPM, and CPC.

A-Ads, formerly Anonymous Ads, is a cookie-free service that doesn’t collect your personal information and allows you to log in with your AUTH code.

Publisher Requirements:

  • A-Ads accepts all niches, platforms, and paid and free hosts.
  • It is a smart choice for small publishers with less traffic.
  • All you have to do is create an ad unit and put whatever you want in it.
  • Aside from that, there is no approval or onboarding approach.


  • You can get paid after reaching the minimum payout of 0.001 BTC.
  • The only payment option is BTC.

A-Ads offers a variety of ads, including classic banners that adapt to different screens and animated ads. They have lightweight ad scripts that don’t slow down your site, so you can easily optimize them for your website.

Animations, however, can ruin the user experience.

Here’s what A-Ads’ cryptocurrency ads look like:

Cryptocurrency Advertisement from A-Ads
Advertisement from A-Ads
Bitcoin ad from A-Ads
A-Ads advertisement

Ad filters can be used to restrict content based on specific parameters, including crypto, online betting, explicit content, and risky investments.

Is A-Ads a good ad platform for crypto sites?

No doubt, A-Ads is a suitable choice for crypto websites and tools. Using A-ads for decent content and non-crypto sites is not a good idea.

Publishers will get a different experience than a reputable ad network. Still, it’s worth trying if you can’t find another one. This network is influential for crypto sites as it can offer good CPM and CPC rates for crypto content.

3. Cointraffic

Logo of Cointraffic crypto ad network. It's one of the best Bitcoin advertising networks.

Cointraffic is popular among crypto-based websites, which makes it a good choice for advertisers and publishers. Cointraffic likes content-based sites.

You can use them, however, for crypto tools, statistic sites, and other crypto-related websites. Many popular cryptocurrency sites, including Coinchefs and Btctools.io, use Cointraffic to monetize.

It is easy to see how each ad position performs, and their pricing model is cost per mile (CPM). They target ads based on region, tech, industry, and users. Ad formats include sidebars, banners, and native.

Here are some crypto ads on Cointraffic:

An example of a Cointraffic banner ad
Cointraffic banner ad
Cointraffic native ad example
Native ad by Cointraffic
Cointraffic leaderboard ad example
Lead banner

Publisher’s Requirements:

  • Doesn’t accept non-crypto websites
  • Your site should have a user-friendly appearance
  • Monthly visits of at least five thousand
  • They reject most of the low-quality websites.


  • When publishers reach $25, they can get paid in Bitcoin.
  • For bank transfers, the minimum is 300 euros.
  • Once you have reached the bare minimum, you can ask for a payout.


With Cointraffic, publishers can monetize the website efficiently, and you can advertise ads on the platform as well. And publishers can see how many views and revenues they get daily by looking at the dashboard stats. Cointraffic is a solid crypto ad network that serves publishers well.

4. Bitmedia

Bitmedia Bitcoin Ad Network Logo

Among cryptocurrency ad networksBitmedia is reliable and worth looking into. Bitmedia, Coinzilla, and Cointraffic all have similar features. Newsbtc.com, one of the popular crypto-related sites, uses Bitmedia to monetize its traffic.

Bitmedia doesn’t specify traffic requirements. The thing is, publishers need a bit of traffic to get going. The website must be about crypto, and it usually takes 3 days for the application to be processed after someone submits it.


  • For withdrawals, you need 20 dollars in Bitcoin (no fee)
  • CPC and CPM are Bitmedia’s current pricing models
  • You can only get your withdrawal in BitCoin
  • Get your payout in 7 days after requesting a withdrawal

Bitmedia offers banner ads in multiple sizes. After you have approved, you can create ad units for your website and place them in the right places.

Typical Bitmedia crypto ads:

An example of a Bitmedia crypto ad
Ads from Bitmedia
Ads from Bitmedia

You should be aware that Bitmedia has some animated ads that can cause your website to slow down; consider using a cloud host service like Vultr.


Bitmedia is a Bitcoin ad network that serves crypto ads, but CPMs aren’t as good as others. It is still a worthwhile platform for bloggers and marketers.

You can use them to monetize crypto-related websites and tools with CPM, where you get paid for 1000 views, and CPC, which pays per click. I noticed that Bitmedia ads don’t always show ads (pages with many blank spaces).

5. Coinzilla

Coinzilla Crypto Ad Network Logo. It's one of the best crypto ad networks.

Coinzilla is probably the most popular crypto advertising network out there right now. You get paid per impression with Coinzilla ads (cost per thousand impressions). Their advertising partners are reputable. With over 1000 publishers, Coinzilla is solid in its approach and accepts only reliable sites.

Several popular websites, including CoinGecko, Free-Litecoin.com, and Dextools.io, use Coinzilla to monetize their content.

Coinzilla Ad Formats:

Coinzilla is a multi-format advertising network, meaning that it offers web banners, in-feed ads, ads that stick to the top, ads that stick to the bottom, and stuff like that. You can get classic banners in all sizes.

The pop-under ad format opens a tab behind the current tab with an ad; UX-wise, this ad format isn’t great. Pubs can also block specific categories of ads.

Here’s what Coinzilla ads look like:

Publisher Requirements:

  • Coinzilla is a cryptocurrency ad network accepting only crypto-related websites and tools.
  • Coinzilla doesn’t have a minimum traffic requirement, but it needs some.
  • They don’t accept subdomains like WordPress and Blogspot.
  • Publishers can’t display more than three banners at once.
  • They usually accept crypto websites with good traffic. Make sure your website is decent and gets traffic.


Publishers can withdraw the balance monthly or weekly via Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a bank transfer if they have a minimum balance of €50. It usually takes a couple of days to get your withdrawal.

Coinzilla Crypto Ad Network

If you are looking for a way to monetize your bitcoin/crypto-related or investment website, Coinzilla can be one of the best options for you.

Benefits of Coinzilla for publishers

Coinzilla is a fine Bitcoin Ad Network that gives quality ads without annoying things like embedded links, spam, and annoying pop-ups, among others. However, some ads can mess up your site with fancy animation.

Coinzilla is one of the most influential crypto ad networks, but crypto ad platforms don’t offer the best user experience. Use a reliable host when using an ad network; having external requests can slow down your site. However, LiteSpeed web hosting services can help in certain situations.

6. Dianomi

Dianomi Logo

DIANOMI is a native ad network that targets niches such as business and finance. They are known for their high-quality native ad designs. Dianomi uses contextual advertising to make your ads look like native content.

Although I’m not a fan of native ads, Dianomi ads look great and aren’t spammy like Taboola, Outbrain, etc. They only work with reliable publishers with decent traffic. Many popular websites, including Marketwatch.com, Macrotrends.net, and Zycrypto.com, use Dianomi to monetize their content.

Publishers can run video, on-page, banner, and text ads. Their ads integrate smoothly with the website’s content, so they don’t interrupt the users.

Typical Dianomi native ads:

Dianomi crypto native ads

In conclusion, Dianomi isn’t a crypto-based advertising network. But they’re aimed at the financial sector, meaning Dianomi suits cryptocurrency niches since crypto is tilted under finance.

I can’t guarantee it will work with tools, and it is hard to get accepted if you don’t have enough traffic. Also, your site needs to focus intensely on content; apply if you have a quality crypto-related website.

7. CryptoCoinsAd

CryptoCoinsAd advertising network logo

CryptoCoinsAd is a crypto ad network that offers both cost-per-impression and cost-per-click campaigns that cater to crypto enthusiasts. They’re less popular, and I haven’t tried them yet. I’ve seen some sites monetize with them.

They’ve got some scam feedback, too. And if you have a crypto site, you can join CryptoCoinsAd. A few conditions need to be met, but publishers can’t use a subdomain like Blogspot.

You need some good sites, and for crypto content, there is usually a chance for you to be approved. Also, most other criteria are similar to other crypto ad networks. Also, CryptoCoinsAd offers banners, text ads, and pop-under ads.

I’ve got some ad examples:

Typical CryptoCoinsAd ad
Typical CryptoCoinsAd ad

Payments: Bitcoin is the only payment method, and publishers need an active Bitcoin address. Get paid on Monday if the balance is $50 or more.

Wrap It Up: Unlike other crypto ad networks, this one carries cheap ad campaigns, meaning to the CPC or CPM, which is not as impressive as others. Maybe there’s more to know about CryptoCoinsAd, but I haven’t used it, so I don’t know much. Try it and share your experience with us.

8. PopAds

PopAds Logo

Suppose you do not have any ad networks to monetize your crypto website. It may be because of the scrap content on the site. If that occurs, ‘PopAds’ is an ad network focused on pop-up advertising.

You are free to choose the amount that you would like to be paid for each pop-up ad. Also, you can select how many pop-ups each visitor gets. Additionally, PopAds claims to offer decent CPM rates for US visitors.

There’s no tricky approval process in PopAds. Pick your site’s niche; most of the time, they’ll approve it. They even support free hosts like Blogspot.

The payment strategy is fast and easy to use. Publishers can withdraw payments at any time with PopAds via PayPal with a minimum of 5 USD.

Lastly, This ad network has been abandoned for a long time, and there hasn’t been any update. Using pop-up ads on decent websites is not a good idea. As a blog owner, you have plenty of website monetization opportunities. If you have a scrap site, even with crypto stuff, try out “PopAds” to see how they work. But PopAds isn’t very satisfying from a user experience perspective.

9. BidVertiser

BidVertiser Ad Network Logo

BidVertiser isn’t a crypto ad network. It’s an outdated ad network that serves pay-per-click advertising. In my experience, BidVertiser isn’t a contextual ad platform, so ads are difficult to match to your content.

BidVertiser targets native ads, in-page pushes, notifications, pop-unders, and web links. But Outdated technology makes it ineffective for today’s websites.

With BidVertiser, you don’t have to worry about traffic requirements. Approval is usually automated, but sometimes they need to be reconsidered manually.

They usually accept crypto and bitcoin sites.

Publisher features on BidVertiser
Publisher features

The cool thing about BidVertiser is that it allows even sites that aren’t big to monetize. Once your site is approved, you can create ads immediately.


  • The minimum withdrawal amount at BidVertiser is only $10.
  • Publishers can get paid with Bitcoin or PayPal.

BidVertiser takes publishers worldwide, but its fill and CPC rates aren’t reasonable. Some of their ad formats are pretty irritating, and the website doesn’t look good with them.

Any site shouldn’t have flashing ads, scrollers, buttons, or weird code because they make websites look unprofessional.

Before you launch these ad formats, think about them a lot. Ad safety is essential; you should not use BidVertiser with a reliable website. It won’t replace crypto ad networks.

10. AdMaven

AdMaven Logo

AdMaven isn’t really a crypto ad network. But you can make money by running pop-up ads and other multimedia ads. However, they are the same as other harmful ad platforms such as Adcash, BidVertiser, Adsterra, etc. AdMaven provides reasonable CPM rates and sometimes fixes rates for high-traffic sites.

AdMaven makes monthly payments automatically and accepts PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, WebMoney, and Paxum.

Depending on the method, there might be a charge for PayPal and Bitcoin payouts. There’s a minimum threshold for each payment method:

  • PayPal and Paxum $5
  • Payoneer $50
  • BTC $50
  • Webmoney $5.

AdMaven shows spammy ads, sometimes even explicit ones. Most of their ads are push ads, pop ads, smart links, and banners.

AdMaven Ad Formats

Typical AdMaven push ad:

Typical AdMaven push ad
AdMaven push ad

AdMaven didn’t provide any details about publisher traffic criteria. You don’t have to worry about your site category, and they will welcome any kind of site instead of porn websites.

Getting approved is pretty fast; fill out the publisher form, and they’ll assist you. This isn’t my kind of ad network, but publishers can try AdMaven.

It’s not suitable for content websites. They’re good for scrapping sites and tools, but their ads can ruin the website’s UX.

Crypto Websites and Tools: Other ways to monetize

You don’t always have to be part of an ad network to earn money from a website. Publishers can make money by trying different tactics, like private ads (which can mean many things). I’m pointing out banner ads here. It’s rare to see this kind of earnings among starters. Small pubs don’t get enough attention, but having a recognizable crypto site opens up many chances.

Sponsored Content: Typically, sponsored articles, pages, and link campaigns are meant to be sponsored posts. It’s like native ads, and it is common for sites to monetize their content through sponsored posts. This strategy makes it easy to make plenty of money from websites with big names.

Paid Membership: I think this is an outdated monetization strategy. You can create content for premium users (modernized content is usually required). Sites with a lot of traffic work best with paid memberships.

Review: The concept is brief: you accept compensation for reviewing a product or service on your site. Plus, you’ll get free stuff. For small websites, you cannot benefit much from this idea, as it is not practical.

In addition to crypto ad networks, you can use multiple marketing tactics to make money with a site or tool. They tend to stick with reliable sites. At first, your reputation will take a while to build. Try your best, and don’t give up.

It is time to wrap up this blog post around the right crypto ad networks for publishers. The list includes multiple ad networks and platforms.

Try to use legitimate crypto ad networks or other monetization strategies. You’ve got a lot of options if you’ve got relevant content.

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