Top 6 WordPress Documentation (Knowledge Base) Plugins

This article lists some WordPress documentation plugins for creating help pages, knowledge bases, documents, forums, and more.
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I have compiled some WordPress documentation, AKA knowledge base plugins, that I have found so far. Many people don’t know how to build wikis, instructions, documents, and product knowledge bases.

Online services need to align with knowledge bases so that users can explore and learn more about products by accessing documentation. These plugins can help you create some help pages, KBs, docs, forums, and more.

When looking for a plugin, I usually desire something simple to use instead of one that is feature-rich and complex to operate. (This is essential to prevent unnecessary clutter when writing code.) But do not rely on my opinion as I have yet to test all of them thoroughly.

1. BetterDocs

BetterDocs WordPress documentation plugin Logo

It’s easy to use, has a lot of features, and is probably the most popular documentation for WordPress right now. Should start here if you need help figuring out where to start and want the most OK and comprehensive option.

BetterDocs offers many features and layouts. For some, this may seem like too much since it is almost like setting up a WordPress site from scratch.

Personally, I don’t like these types of plugins with a lot of bloated features, and this plugin is over 8MB in size. However, you’ll value it if you’re a beginner looking for ready-made templates, theme customization, etc.

Some advanced users may find this too much, and using a page builder like Elementor can slow things down with it. When you’re using bloated plugins, get a better hosting service.

BetterDocs comes with free features like:

  • Pre-made templates: There are multiple templates to design your documentation in a few minutes, and you have complete control over the layouts.
  • Gutenberg compatible: Besides Gutenberg, it is also compatible with all the page builders I have tested, but don’t use it with heavy page builders.
  • Multiple blocks: Comes with functional blocks like Navigation, Reactions, Breadcrumbs, Social Share, etc.

There are many paid features, such as Bot support, advanced analytics, multiple knowledge bases, user roles, etc. Bot support is a valuable feature because it allows visitors to view documents/articles on the chat without leaving the page and saves time by reducing SUPPORT REQUESTS.

BetterDocs demo template 1
Demo 1
BetterDocs Demo 2
Demo 2

BetterDocs isn’t my thing, but it’s a professional plugin for handling your documentation. The free version offers basic features, but if you’re a serious creator, you’ll want the paid version.

It also comes with a drag-and-drop function and automatic email reports. Use a good cache plugin like FlyingPress since it’s bulky and could mess up CWV.

2. BSF Docs

BSF Docs WordPress knowledge base plugin

BSF Docs is an unpopular WordPress documentation plugin designed for advanced users who want to keep their site simple and minimalist. An ideal solution for quickly getting things up and running and customizing your site.

It also provides a basic layout and a live search function. It is free and built by BrainstormForce, the same company behind Astra. Often, users think it’s too simple and lacks enough functionality for an extensive help page.

Functions in BSF Docs

BSF Docs is still a decent option, even though it is not widely used. It is not incompatible with themes, cache plugins, and so on.

Yeah, it might not be the best option for people who like drag-and-drop stuff with tons of features. However, it may benefit devs and advanced users because it has simple functions and shortcodes.

3. weDocs

WeDocs WP plugin

With the WeDocs plugin, you can easily manage your site’s knowledge base, documents, and content pages. I think it’s a decent mid-range option for even free users; plus, there’s a premium version for advanced tasks. It also has some beginner-friendly features like drag-and-drop, sub-sections, etc.

Free version features:

  • An easy-to-use interface: With weDocs, it’s easy to set up and manage your document library, even for beginners. Users can also easily rearrange their preferred documentation.
  • Detailed structure: Put your documentation into sections and articles so users can find answers quickly.
  • Search option: It has robust search functionality, so users can quickly find what they’re looking for. There’s also a quick search on individual documentation pages.
  • Vote and feedback form: Each document has a comment box, so users can contribute thoughts, suggestions, or report problems.
weDocs documentation demo

Like most plugins, it has some cool features locked to the paid version, such as Chatbot, article suggestions, pre-built layouts, permission management, etc. The paid version costs $47 per year, and the chatbot costs $7.99 monthly.

WeDocs WP plugin is a great option if you need documentation for your products or services. Even this free version has some helpful stuff, but you’ll need the paid version if you want to do advanced editing. 

4. Echo Knowledge Base

Echo Knowledge Base WordPress documentation

Although the Echo Knowledge Base plugin isn’t the most appealing in appearance, it is well reviewed, and the features and help it offers get good reviews. It supports all page builders and Gutenberg and has features like article counter, RTL, shortcode, and chatGPT integration.

I’ve included some example demo images here.

Echo Knowledge Base plugin template
Demo 1
Echo Knowledge Base plugin DEMO
Demo 2
Echo Knowledge Base WordPress documentation plugin DEMO
Demo 3

EKB plugin allows you to create and arrange help sections, answer pages, and articles. Offers numerous features to help you build visually appealing learning sections/pages with multiple customization options.

In addition, the plugin documentation is helpful, and the PRO version has some excellent features, such as custom roles, unlimited polls, more widgets, and filters, among many others.

You can get the pro version for $46 a year. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but it’s cheap to renew. It also works with any WordPress theme with demos.

5. BasePress Docs

Basepress WordPress documentation

I think BasePress Docs is a fine Wiki plugin with good user ratings. Yes, there is not a large user base, but the layouts are user-friendly, and you are able to create any wiki page.

You can use it for stuff like customer knowledge bases, tech support, product manuals, resource hubs, checklists, FAQs, etc.

And users can customize the layout of the knowledge base the way they want it, with features like an advanced search bar with live results, breadcrumbs, and section widgets.

There are limitations to the free version, so if you want these features, you’ll need to upgrade:

  • Content Restriction: Manage who can easily see what articles, sections, or topics are in your documentation.
  • Advanced Live Search: Users get live search results with snippets of where the terms were found whenever they search.
  • Analytics: It shows which articles are most popular and how they perform. 
  • Icons Manager: Pick icons from the web and use them in your documentation.

BasePress Docs is a good plugin for creating documentation for your WordPress website. However, to build advanced content, you need more than the free version. The Paid version starts at $79/month, which is expensive compared to others.

6. EazyDocs

EasyDocs WordPress documentation plugin

EazyDocs is another midrange plugin for WordPress wiki stuff, but the free version is better than the others. Create as many documents as you want, drag and drop them to order.

EasyDocs has a clean interface and a live customizer, so users can customize the knowledge base without going anywhere. It has a feature for readers to ask questions in comments and replies to your knowledge-base articles.

EasyDocs templates
A EasyDocs demo template

The live search feature lets readers find documents without leaving the page. The share button allows your readers to share documents however they want. Comes with some ready-made sections to help you develop Docs pages.

EasyDocs has a premium version that includes things like Dark mode, Role management, User restriction, Analytics, etc. However, I don’t like this one because the majority of the features are made for Elementor.

In conclusion

There may be other WordPress documentation (knowledge base) plugins I didn’t mention. Although I am not very familiar with the WordPress wiki, instructions, documents, and product knowledge base plugin categories, these are suitable options for most WordPress wikis, FAQs, and documents.

BetterDocs, WeDocs, and BasePress are ideal choices for people who like feature-packed plugins with DRAG-and-DROP functionality. They’re also great for beginners but can be bloated.

As far as advanced users who like to do things in their own way are concerned, BSF Docs is not widely used, but it is a highly lightweight option that is still useful. There are plugins with features like content protection

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